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1. Intelligent automatic induction, any state and position are valid.

2. The backlight of hand mi and double color display, "intelligent induction mute" or "no intelligent induction mute" status is clear.Two states can also be conveniently exchanged.

3. The dual color backlight of the receiver shows that it is very intuitive to see whether the hand is turned on.

4. The hand mi not only has the channel display, but also shows the frequency of this channel, making it very convenient.

5, static and air intellisense dual mute function, not only can prevent the noise, but also can prevent hand microphones speakers produce crackle, falls to borne power amplifier, and speakers can have very good protection effect.

6. Power saving mode: after static mute for 15 minutes, automatic shutdown can save power and prolong battery life.


Frequency range: 650.00MHZ -- 700.00 MHZ; 750.00MHZ--840.00MHZ

Modulation mode broadband frequency modulation (FM)

Oscillation mode: PLL lock phase loop;

Adjustable range: 60MHZ;

Channel spacing: 300KHZ;

Frequency stability: plus or minus 0.005%;

Dynamic range: 100dB;

Maximum frequency deviation: plus or minus 45KHZ;

Audio range: 50HZ -- 18KHZ;

SNR: > 105 dB;

Distortion: less than or equal to 0.3%

Number of channels: 200

Receiving sensitivity: 12 dBuV(80 dB S/N)

Launch output: 10 m W - 30 m W

Effective distance: 100M (depending on the environment)

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