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What models should be used for long distance engineering?
Release Date: [2017-11-12 20:19:01]   Total read [511] Times

  Long-distance projects, such as stage performances, school playgrounds, military shooting range, sports venues, etc., should use true diversity models, such as WG-8300,WG-1200,WG-1300,W-1500 and so on. Long distance is a major feature of our factory products, the original WG-1300,WG-1000 and other models in the open to no interference, you can reach about 200-300 meters effective distance, the past few years has been successfully applied in a large number of projects ; Now the new products WG-1500 another record to reach a distance of about 500 meters, will be able to meet more difficult engineering.

Application of long-distance engineering, need to pay attention to several points: 1. Receiver installed as high as possible, such as four-storey window position; 2. Let the receiver and the microphone between the houses, walls, Crowd and other obstacles; 3. Ensure that there is no TV tower, radar stations, mobile phone base stations and other sources of interference, and do not use multiple receivers stacked.

If you can not do one or more of the above conditions, the distance may not reach the ideal &#118alue, this time through the use of radio frequency cable to the receiver antenna height, out of the outdoor solution.

The above-mentioned operating distance is tested as follows: On a relatively straight road, the receiver is mounted on a hand box, the antenna is mounted directly on the receiver, the tester holds the microphone along the road, the microphone and the receiver Can be seen to see each other, the tester side to talk, if found off the sound, then stop forward, in situ turn, if there are secrets in each circle, that has reached the limit distance, with the vehicle and GPS measured the actual distance For more than 500 meters.


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