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What are the features and features of the product? What is ID verification?
Release Date: [2017-11-12 20:27:52]   Total read [513] Times

1. New series of products with all the features popular on the market: digital authentication (ID), smart mute, drop protection, automatic search for the best channel, transmit power regulation, squelch threshold adjustment, infrared synchronization, and its own patent Function: room number display, radio frequency frequency, etc., basically on the market popular features, new products are available;


2. The new product application of the exclusive research and development, a very powerful ID verification function, to achieve the strongest anti-interference, anti-channeling ability. The meaning of ID is the identity code, which is the microphone identification function. After passing the frequency, the receiver grants the microphone a legal identity, identified by a long list of identity codes. After receiving the signal, the receiver will check the code contained in the signal, where the signal does not meet the code, even if the same frequency, the signal and then strong, the receiver will not receive and output. It can be said that if this legitimate microphone does not open, then any other signal can not open the receiver. No longer have to worry about the computer or other microphones to open the receiver signal and noise. In order to develop this technology, we have invested a lot of manpower and material resources, carried out a lot of improvements, to overcome a lot of difficult problems, which lasted for many years before the successful application of the current function has been optimized, has been successfully upgraded to third generation technology. Room number display, specifically for KTV design, the microphone used in the KTV, the need to paste the label on the microphone to distinguish the use of each microphone room, when used for some time, the label is easy to damage easy to dirty, the room number shows direct The use of the microphone display perfect solution to this problem.


3. New products, regardless of the cost of using a lot of high-quality components and imported components, both in terms of reliability, stability, or technical indicators, sound quality, etc., are based on the original has been significantly improved.


4. New products for the application of the various circumstances, made a special improvement and design. For example, for some hand-held power switch in the shutdown when prone to mechanical noise, especially with a silent button to avoid mechanical noise, so that the switch machine completely silent; for the same machine two microphones can not be universal, has improved for the microphone in the same machine can Interchangeable use, to avoid the need to order the microphone when the need to report the trouble of the band, spare parts can also reduce the number of spare parts for sound volume to make improvements, the traditional potentiometer when used for a long time prone to noise and easy to save the volume, Most of the models are all changed to high-cost electronic volume adjustment, as long as the adjustment of the volume saved, do not want to adjust every time, boot is the last volume used.



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