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Why is it sometimes broken?
Release Date: [2017-11-12 20:31:04]   Total read [949] Times

  If the frequency set is not good, or the distance is not enough, there are serious external interference, there will be off the phenomenon. When these conditions occur, our product will be muted rather than outputting huge interference noise, which is the ID verification function at work. Because the strong external interference will make the receiver can not complete the ID verification, the internal program will determine a serious interference, automatically stop the audio output to avoid noise. If there is no ID authentication function, then there will be interference noise.


  If a crosstalk occurs, you should solve the crosstalk due to poor frequency settings, or if the distance is not set by resetting the frequency, or by changing the squelch threshold of the receiver. For the strong external interference, we can only be silent for the time being no noise, than other products to improve a big step, but still can not completely avoid the cut off, this is a whole world is a headache but has not yet resolved problem.




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