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KTV private room project how to conduct on-site debugging in order to achieve be
Release Date: [2017-11-12 20:30:12]   Total read [862] Times

  For important occasions, such as model works, on-site commissioning, in addition to the instructions in accordance with the installation and commissioning methods in addition to the completion of all the rooms set up, but also a comprehensive inspection: all the rooms are open microphone, all The room is arranged to pick up two microphones, two microphones away from 30cm above, and then continue to move in the room. At the same time one by one check the microphone with or without sound, with or without noise. If so, you need to re-search the channel and re-frequency, and then all again check one by one, until all the microphones are checked. In this way, you can guarantee the best results. General occasions do not need to check, in accordance with the instructions after installation and debugging to obtain satisfactory results.




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