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Usually the receiver is set up in the cabinet with the set-top box, the computer
Release Date: [2017-11-12 20:29:56]   Total read [869] Times
  Generally not, but when installing the receiver, please try to keep away from these sources of interference, because the new product has a silent tone or ID verification function. This is the case with wireless microphones without silent tone or ID verification. In general, the computer song machine interference is not too strong, do not open the microphone, due to the silent tone or ID verification function, the interference signal of course can not be received and output; open the microphone, the microphone signal than interference The signal is much stronger, so it will suppress the interference signal. However, the interference signal of the computer's vocal machine sometimes shortens the effective distance of the wireless microphone, so when you set the working distance of the microphone, you need to set it appropriately and leave enough room.
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